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      Alan Haber on Movement Building

      Alan Haber was the original founder of Students for a Democratic Society in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


      The option to build is that people are tired of the wars, endless, and the whole war system and war mission.

      America needs the commander in chief to change the mission, the warriors are now in command, the majority would have it another way. America needs a commander in chief who will mobilize the majority for a turn toward peace, and challenge the war parties in side the government and in the various war zones. Is Mr. Obama that commander in chief?

      Put another way, is there a movement for peace together and creative enough to articulate the vision and lead the leaders to mobilize the millions for a new mission?

      I think there need to be more independent citizen initiatives bringing the outstanding questions to the peace table, exploring the terms of real, just and inclusive "end of conflict" settlement agreements, promoting generosity, empathy, creativity and everyone, not greed, hate, destruction and just us, as a good button says. If the peoples movements in the war zones and internationally put forward the peace vision, taking initiative to invite the politicians to come to the table to discuss, more reasonable outcomes might be expected.

      By and large the politicians, as a class, in the war zones and among the warriors have failed. A wider justice and a freer life for all is not the outcomes of their polices. the politics is blocked. An intervention from below might allow opportunities for realignments, and call into being the quality of leadership we hope Mr. Obama must possess. He must know better than to believe in empire. in my view it is for the movements to give him better chances and choices to show it.

      Alan Haber

      Ann Arbor, MI

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