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      Vice President Hillary Clinton? Secretary of State Joe Biden?

      Democratic insiders worried about 2012 are discussing a Grand Switch, making Hillary Clinton the vice presidential nominee and Joe Biden the Secretary of State. Nothing is decided, but the talk cannot stay secret for long.

      President Obama’s re-election is threatened in the electoral college and by potentially low turnout in key battleground states, including North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. On the face of it, the popular Clinton might help the ticket in several of those states, if only marginally more so than Biden.

      But Clinton is seen as bringing a charge to the party’s critical levels of energy, registration and turnout. Enthusiastic support from women alone could make a major difference in an election considered to be dangerously close.  It also would boost the 2012 campaign involvement of Bill Clinton, now an elder statesman and a popular campaigner, as well as the significant force of Hillary supporters among women and others seeking to make history. Her presence on the ticket would spare the party a nomination fight in 2016 should she decide to run for president at age 69.

      As for Biden, Secretary of State would hardly be a demotion. While Biden has served Obama loyally and effectively, he may want to resume a high profile in foreign policy, his longtime specialty in the US Senate.

      During the past decade, Clinton has increased her support among those working class voters, including single women, she won from Obama in the 2008 primaries, and who will be difficult for Obama to reach in places like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

      She has tended to be more hawkish on military policy, for example supporting generals David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal against Obama in the key Afghanistan deliberations. According to Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars, where Biden led the opposition to a troop escalation in Afghanistan sought by the generals – prolonging failure, he said – Clinton supported Bruce Riedel’s sustained counterinsurgency proposal “lock, stock and barrel.” (p. 103) In supporting McChrystal’s adamant insistence on more troops, “nearly everyone could see... Clinton was joining forces with the uniformed military and the secretary of defense, diminishing the president’s running room. She had reduced his cover for any decision with significantly fewer troops or a softer policy. It was a definitive moment in her relationship to the White House. Could she be trusted? Could she ever truly be on the Obama team? Had she ever been? Even though her electoral future seemed circumscribed, politicians know that anything can happen." (p. 254)

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      Reader Comments (4)

      Yup. I think it's a brilliant idea, if she's willing. At least she has a mind of her own, albeit within a broader Democratic sphere. It would give me more confidence to know she's in the white house. And it would prepare her for 2016 which is a plus to keeping progressivism on the table. It's a great strategy for the electoral side of our battle. The streets, however, is what moves this country, and we have to put our energy in that battle to keep it prominent and on track.

      November 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterlindak

      Not so sure about this rumor, which has been going around Inside the Beltway for seemingly most of the Obama Administration. Here's the problem: Just how is Hillary going to be represented if she is the Veep on the national ticket -- and how is she going to be perceived by the media and the voters (and how are the media's presentations going to affect the voters' perceptions)? Elder stateswoman? Former New York Senator? Former First Lady? Aggrieved Wife? Keeper of the failed Hillarycare? Chelsea's Mom? The Good Girl (Goldwater Girl, Wellesley Class Speaker, Yalie Law Student)?

      And what about the "Bill Clinton problem" that was present, front & center, during the 2008 campaign? Currently, the Clintons seemed to have effectively set up a nice set of Chinese walls between Hillary's official duties as Secretary of State and Bill's Clinton Global Initiative. But if she is the Veep, then inevitably everyone is going to wonder that if Hillary needs to assume the presidency, will Bill Clinton not interfere and simply be the spouse (subject to private counsel) and not try to start running his own shadow presidency.

      Now, as for the swing states you mention, Biden is better to keep as Veep. Let's take Pennsylvania: the vote-rich Philadelphia-area knows Joe very well because whenever he ran for re-election as U.S. Senator, he had to broadcast his ads out of Philly TV & radio stations as they cover the whole Delaware Valley. Biden, a Catholic with his Joe Six-Pack venacular, goes over better also in places as Wisconsin and Ohio.

      Same goes true for places in the New South like Virginia and North Carolina, where I think being Bill Clinton's wife will hurt Hillary.

      Finally, Biden, who has received ribbing in the media for putting his foot in his mouth too much as Veep, is the perfect "imperfect" counterweight to Obama on a national ticket. If Hillary was the Veep candidate, too many voters may conclude -- after experiencing her super-intelligence and articulation -- why the national ticket is not the reverse: Hillary for Prez and Obama for Veep.

      So, overall, as to your article above, I do not buy it.

      November 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKristin from Virginia

      . . . and another thing: Hillary has said that she plans NOT to run for president in 2016. Now, I would love for her to do so -- and win! -- and hope sooner than later that there is a woman president in my lifetime. But, really, the Democratic Party leadership of the generation about 10-15 years behind Hillary are chomping at the bit to run for president in 2016, such as Martin O'Malley of Maryland and Mark Warner of Virginia. So, again, just don't see "Hillary in 2016" at this point.

      November 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKristin from Virginia

      <p>Yellow Mou thinks oneself big 4 lives are a NPC, it is whatever moment is defended in the dormitory before computer, side roommate takes the express, cost that deliver water, clean sanitation, omnipotent however of unknown to public the sort of. </p><p>Just entered greatly school when he has attended a lot of mass organizations, gucci outlet but basically fail to hold on, be in undergraduate work of 3 years is subsequently medium, yellow Mou has learned pulley, had handed in a girlfriend, also had crouched the library, do not have little do sth over and over again. </p><p>Till this year in January, a card that yellow Mou sends on fabaceous valve, let him no longer NPC. </p><p>Fabaceous valve correcting is worth when those, that hair meets a reader in scientific squirrel garden group, the name jingruitwc is " fabaceous valve, actually you need not go too far, fabaceous valve opens a subject " the card shares 1767 words, obtained the commendation of 411 beanses friend. The most important is, the life that this idea changed yellow Mou more or less, for the undergraduate that graduated this year in July to this at least, he found a full-time job related to this even. </p><p>These are hind word. At least most begin, in campus mass organizations also the yellow Mou gucci outlet store with active not very just wants to be cast to fabaceous valve give a think of a way just. As big the student of 4, his main task is to consider an outlook, seek a job self-made. </p><p>Thematic hair goes out 10 minutes, an ID name is " special not careful " person a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender tells yellow Mou, "This is first-rate fabaceous valve application, your opportunity arrived. " after two hours, this individual is in again with allege in post, he has become the original poster's partner, they can finish this jointly " commerce plans " . </p><p>Yellow Mou so was introduced to the road of the construction of open class, he built the page of open class theme in fabaceous valve group, way station and alpha city, became next the NPC at computer is immersed oneself in in the dormitory, although be before this,he just wants to give an idea to fabaceous valve. </p><p>Have one all the time the portion is so called " commercial specification " in yellow gucci handbags outlet Mou hand, but the profit pattern not very that he becomes aware he is blind flicker comes out relies on chart. More what is more,the rather that " this thing can not spend a lot of money, also won't make a lot of money " , yellow Mou feels on older rate this is returned is a thing that holds out commonweal. </p><p>In the plan of yellow Mou, he should accomplish open class the line to fall, and be not is network video is mixed merely discuss. "Attend a lecture is admittedly important, but oversight read, think, discuss and compete, you see those video be mixed see a film do not have how old distinction " , up-to-date, yellow Mou still is so think. Lie in the public begin school in his hard disk up to now, what yellow Mou has opened is very few can count, "They have an effect only, satisfy you have desire. Satisfy you have desire.. </p><p>Most begin, fabaceous valve way station is opened to company and organization only, the yellow Mou that serves as an individual looked for discounted gucci bags a friend to lend person of a music way station, name and domain name are off-the-peg, he sticks the address to open course group and scientific squirrel in the meeting, the first day had 3000 much people to pay close attention to way station. </p><p>The 3rd day, this number rose 7000 much, yellow Mou received a fabaceous mail that comes from a system. Fabaceous valve asks yellow Mou to transform the group an original utility, otherwise the number continues with this speed growth, the way station of this public begin school can be mentioned the issue that musical person home page becomes an awkwardness thereby. </p><p>Yellow Mou feels he does not have err what, he answered oneself look " correctitude " mail. </p><p>"The former appearance of way station is one never has altered, and the deserted way station that pays close attention to original gucci bags personnel to have 5 people only, look in my individual at least, restoring former appearance is good for nothing " , fabaceous valve compromised, move of classroom of will open class gave musical person to classify, this with " Xcx " terminal strange domain name is mixed all the time the open class classroom of yellow Mou is withheld up to now. </p><p>Classroom of open now class has had 60 thousand much member to pay close attention to, held a line ten times to leave open class activity, include to ask person specially assigned for a task tuitional west literature mordern history of humanitarian, China inside 5 course. </p><p>The teacher that invites lecture is yellow Mou mostly fasten in leather gucci bags fabaceous valve the first line of a couplet on a scroll, that Yale that tells Chinese mordern history for instance is postdoctoral Fateface. Most those who begin yellow Mou to give his attention is all write the book review, person that has pretty good record of formal schooling and professional background to send fabaceous mail, ultimate letter in reply expresses to have fun at and have the person of time, became the teacher of open class classroom. </p><p>To them, this also is a challenge, the fixed position of classroom of open after all class is a knowledge education, with his research the domain still has distinction, every off hours that a course of half hours needs a week normally prepares lessons. Nevertheless, fateface or the Chinese mordern history that are oneself prepared to be as long as 15 special subject and the curricular outline that 5 historical data analyse. </p><p>The field that open class classroom cooperates is in three meetings place and adventure garden gucci bags outlet normally, this is two have a place literary model cafe. Yellow Mou does not hope the activity is held in university classroom, do not have too much appeal possibly to office worker so. </p><p>The condition that cafe cooperates is everybody needs the 20 lowermost consumption to 50 yuan, yellow Mou solves this problem without method, can make clear mobile amount in the page only. A few is there to become teacher of scale deal out in the meeting in expenditure, but eliminate cafe wants to earn, what a teacher takes is most do not spend 200 money, yellow him Mou does not have income more. The member that shows up nevertheless still cooperates quite, every time 30 many student discuss like small-sized like salon, also let him confidence continues this thing to be done. </p><p>The time that make is longer, accumulate the transmission that rise effect is bigger also. In course of newest mordern history of a China, altogether had 5629 people to be attacked in midpoint of the activity that be the designer gucci bags same as a city " I am interested " , 955 people express to participate in. Of course, the spot arrived only 100 much people, but this has been number of the activity below the line most. </p><p>After participating in an activity, the netizen still can go up in fabaceous valve way station refer exercise hand-in-hand travel discusses, this is optimal probably make public class schoolteaching means, not only place centers education, the teacher still can give exercise feedback opinion. </p><p>See these course to let more person, oneself also are undertaking yellow Mou and his volunteers the job of transcribe course and later period. </p><p>Every class can upload actor cruel or tomato patch, in linking fabaceous valve way station again, the hit that gucci bags 2012 every class has 4 digit, this is not much, go up at every turn to the hit for the network video of 10 thousand, but the work that this shows yellow Mou at least is worn in generation more value. </p><p>such, yellow Mou at the same time everywhere interview, doing oneself open class classroom at the same time. Gradually somebody will help, supply transcribe equipment, help him do include site contact, announcement is harmonious wait meticulous and trival job a moment. Yellow Mou hopes this organization can resemble college mass organizations same, calculate oneself to do not have energy, can find successor to go down its continuance at least. </p><p>Yellow Mou has gucci outlet taken the Offer of public relations company, but he thinks this works and do not suit oneself, not only it is so busy that be without give attention to two or morethings to make public the time of the class, he also longs to do the business with creative more. </p><p>This year in October, after organization of a NGO held a post for some time, a friend on everybody net gave a person that calls Chen Hengxin his recommend. </p><p>Chen Hengxin is the promotion controller of Netease public begin school, the luck of chief editor Zhu Xi that he and Netease video center are in charge of making public a class is headaching the propagandist means at doing not have go ahead of the rest. </p><p>Although already project approving one year, made the earliest " just " page special subject, but Netease makes public a class still suffer from can consult louis vuitton outlet without mode. They are taken a fancy to even very admire yellow Mou below this line seasoned 85 hind, want to enrol him into him group. </p><p>Pass interview 3 times, took the technological process of a many month, begin what yellow Mou achieves what one wishes to become open subject as a full-time employee. Although the activity below the public begin school of Netease and his line is not quite same, but no matter the respect looks from which, his company special be happy to let him continue to grow him original enterprise. </p><p>Netease has more than 6000 course nowadays, among them many 1700 course contains Chinese and English caption, and with everyday the two plan to 3 are translated. The interpreter plan of major course is by netizen vote, at the same time luck of bright red royal seal also can balance course and major, although " much more variable calculus " such course suffers numerous foundation to may be done not have so wide, but Netease also looked for special group to translate 35 course. </p><p>One year since, netease throws 15 million yuan on open class project, major fund is used at paying interpreter and bandwidth. Below banner of Netease video center, more than 15 people are in full-time for this the job serves. Seek a course among them as source, right as interpreter group receive and check, and the member of responsible promotion and activity is occupied each 1/3. </p><p>Of so large investment and Netease CEO Ding Lei take seriously not without the relation. Although most the project that begins this to be not a from above to below, but he becomes the portal website with the largest investment in making public a class to popularize to making public the attention of the class to let Netease. This year Netease joined OCWC January (international opens a subject allied) on the news briefing, ding Lei passes what long-range video accepted media to interview, this thing makes the member of open class and public relations very accident. "This looks very rural and idyllic, raise pig and the issue that becoming open subject is come down in one continuous line actually. " an employee of Netease such say. </p><p>As China joins OCWC exclusively (international opens a subject allied) company insider, netease must follow CC agreement (Creative Commons knowledge shares an agreement) , this agreement includes to sign, 6 clauses such as commerce of coessential, blame, participate in an unit to be able to choose freely. Blame trade provision states the company that takes course or organization cannot regard commerce as utility his, but the university signed most open Stanford to sign merely agreement, no matter be what platform,this is meant, can pass the curricular profit that sells Stanford. </p><p>The course of the first haing Buddha that translates from group of caption of the everybody at the beginning of 2010 " just " begin, open class just walks into the limits of line of sight of outback netizen truly. Before this, the Zhu Xueheng of Taiwan was guiding volunteer group OOPS to had translated nearly 6 years to open course, inside however still not quite humanness place knows. </p><p>Most the course that begins a netizen to be able to download everybody caption group to translate on electric ass only, the educational channel edition of electric ass advocate the collaboration of Xia Hongyi and everybody caption group, also make one of 3 people that he becomes Netease to make public a class to greet to its in a year of special subject, additionally two people are Zhu Xueheng and " just " the earliest translator He He. </p><p>Of portal website intervene, make those who make public a class famous degree begin to grow with geometrical progression, but to them, this also is a new issue. Even if inside embed caption or outside hang such detail, netease sought long opinion. Finally because outside register the issue that inextricability Chinese and English synchronism shows caption, netease still chose inside buy. </p><p>At the beginning of September, netease started the name is " open class interpreter amounts to person recruit to plan " the match. Contest form is to be in a month, take part in the match the player perhaps can form a delegation through single person, the designation that chooses 30 minutes the whole process that course has be made to later period from axis of interpreter, time. Final Netease is index with translating a level, single 10 groups, become oneself long-term partner. </p><p>Besides search an interpreter besides force, promotion is the purpose with this mainer activity. Know to let more people Netease makes public a class, chen Hengxin pulled market department to come over to help. Market department and college have connection all the time, chen Hengxin chose to include Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou inside 8 cities, more than 10000 leaflets were issued in local university, with " be born " for main purpose. </p><p>Not be the student participated in this activity merely, the staff member that includes teacher lecturer and national observatory inside 359 groups played the game. A lot of people had not done caption, in referred statement, they also wrote down themselves to seek the course of tutorial study later period on the net. Netease organized You Yiyan net, China to translate the group that the staff member such as association forms, singled final winning group in order to translate for index with professional level. </p><p>If these groups are willing to make open class caption for a long time for Netease, they can achieve the interpreter monetary reward that Netease pays. </p><p>Besides, how to let make public a class to be known by more people, it is group of Netease public begin school most the problem that solves hard. "Push too closely, can let a person feel this becomes a kind of hype " , how is the name that links course chosen, translated term and hit have how old concern, it is the issue that luck of bright red royal seal should consider, "Some course are right, but if metaphrase subject name puts appeal not strong; If free translation is beyond the mark, not quite the name that resembles a course. Not quite the name that resembles a course.. </p><p>But this should be their exclusive pressure, to publishing the group of the class, netease did not make the assessment of the mensurable index such as discharge, the case that joins a competitor also is taken no account of. "Without competitor " , this is a word that Ding Lei says to luck of bright red royal seal. At present till, the one key of open class video shares Netease to had been been opposite space of net of sina small gain, everybody, fabaceous valve net, QQ inside 8 websites are open. Them even take out the watermark in video, just added the label of Netease in caption. </p><p>As if all these did not concern with commerce, even if the public praise that brings from this and eyeball, in Zhu Xi luck looks this also is " deputy effect " . Everyday 1 million do not calculate to Netease to the discharge of 1.3 million how old, how many can the user that treats course patiently truly have they also not know the inside story, but still a few feedback let Netease be happy to hold on to this thing. </p><p>For instance luck of bright red royal seal gets a mail that pass. A when this mail comes from Changsha medium-sized Internet bar advocate, he asked for a few open classes and the placard that translate recruit to Netease, the hope is chance with this, improve the learning environment of the Internet bar. Although they do not decide this is planted,means good can have how old, but in Zhu Xi luck looks, this has been very big encourage. </p><p>Besides oneself interpreter group, netease also is mixed such TLF caption is combined. If caption group gives Netease to be released solely, netease pays reward; If caption group is in a few places to release at the same time, netease also is happy to become one of platform. </p><p>Caption group Eureka is one of sole partners of Netease, this is one manages by Dalian work college maths and applied maths are big the 4 caption that reading cheap of student Xiao Hao to initiate group. </p><p>Most begin, the cheap that be like grand and OCourse cooperate, but the making plan to raise oneself, his housekeep founded Eureka, "Archimedes develops the instant of a bathroom, what cry greatly is Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!! </p><p>Begin from high school, the cheap that be like grand studies maths and physics on the open course in MIT, because the insitute of language is restricted,he looks very hard, this also became one of matters that he works now. </p><p>Most begin, the cheap that be like grand feels the interpreter is a quite good thing, begin to do ability to discover he bears very hard the workload of a course. </p><p>He wrote an open letter, "Join us, if you also are certain ' science does not have national boundaries, education does not have national boundaries ' . Join us, if you also have that primitive desire and impulse " , this is the ending that seals open letter then, this letter called together 33 people and him to be finished together to be like grand cheap " much more variable calculus " the interpreter of 35 classes mixes altogether make, the teacher lecturer that still has oneself serves as instructor. </p><p>Make besides interpreter, caption, still have task allocation, proofread, as the Xiao Hao of initiator cheap needs to complete multifarious work, should take up at least everyday the time of two his hours. And a few peculiar maths symbols cannot be found in the input method, the cheap that be like grand can undertake collect from inside a few professional document only. Current nevertheless till can not solve all problems, mark fluctuates in caption for instance show, fortunately respecting these content when, the meeting in video makes scene to blackboard, audience people in can focussing attention to classroom at least, go. </p><p>The much that works together with him is the netizen of mathematical major, but also there is no lack of the person with strange setting, than if one is in Bostonian university,reading the student of compose. </p><p>The reward that the cheap that be like grand pays Netease contributed the two education organization of Guangzhou and Wuhan entirely, still sent items of an account for luck of bright red royal seal. Luck of bright red royal seal does not mind these money to be used where by translator, but he still feels accident to this result. </p><p>At present fundamental course interpreter of maths approachs saturation, the cheap that be like grand makes a few brief high school curriculum in the consideration. Let more people see better maths, this is to think him future more is met and the Xiao Hao cheap related maths makes sole purpose of the interpreter. </p><p>Other website also joined this procession, no matter because open,be, still compete, after all this is a choice that won't err it seems that. </p><p>Last year August, sina also gave off haing Buddha Yale to make public the special subject of the class, meant them to also step the battleground that open class discharge contends for. </p><p>Sina has the advantage with other faction incomparable website: On sina small gain, the vermicelli made from bean starch of sina public begin school is already adjacent 500 thousand, and Netease makes public the vermicelli made from bean starch of the class to have them only very one of. </p><p>Go up at every turn the transmit quantity of 1000, be regarded by sina the most powerful promotion platform, die in Qiaobusi that day, sina public begin school rolled out complete works of Qiao Busi speech at once, this small gain already by transmit 15 thousand for many times. </p><p>What differ with Netease system is, open class hangs the education that leans in sina in channel, educational channel is had home and study abroad the service accumulates a large number of resource below, but full-time of same lack hand works for this thing. </p><p>In education scene of plum of channel chief inspector loosens everyday in giant workload, open class can let her cent go out only very one of energy. Sina drew on an employee that works in everybody caption group all the time, he is in charge of making public class later period to make in sina, upload and the job of promotion. </p><p>But this portal website as him consequence gradual, competitive consciousness more aggressive, although sina follows CC agreement as much, cannot make open class makes gain item. a few employee of responsible to sina public begin school, whether does the index such as discharge and media exposure rate exceed Netease, it is one of their assessment content. </p><p>At present sina already had the course of caption to had been close to 2700, they did not make the plan of the activity below the line, use idea in however seek class, interpreter and small gain promotion in, current after all till the sina investment to making public a class has 3 million yuan only. Use the resource with sina original North America, sina thinks to there is an advantage more on the cost that translating and efficiency oneself. </p><p>Small gain lets sina make public the interactive easier implementation of the class, at least major now course is vermicelli made from bean starch recommends the basis to seek source again, they think to essence of life allows and be close to popular wishes more so. </p><p>Sina made the public begin school that he films even, they invite the teacher of Beijing, transcribe litres of field is small one course first, this will be the way that they will try henceforth, take the exclusive, public begin school that has copyright oneself. </p><p>Look in Netease nevertheless, sina already very understanding, at least the attestation that Netease made public a class to get sina small gain, and can compatible henceforth Netease makes public small gain of class video broadcast directly, this technology also is being built in. </p><p>But the competition of two websites still is continueing. </p><p>On November 9, 20 of Ministry of Education " high-quality goods video makes public a class " in love TV station of network of curricular net, China is mixed the line on Netease synchronism. One week later, sina also gave off the message that cooperates as open as learning exceeding a star class, predict to the curricular video of 100 above will be rolled out before 2012. </p><p>Anyhow, the circle ground of these strive to be the first is not evildoing. </p><p>More mix in the white-collar what is more,the rather that undergraduate in these two groups, depend on the there are plenty of such people of open class. Alex is Shenzhen the sale of a foreign enterprise, unlike other staff, he is in big temporarily with " campus is inferior to person meaning " reason discontinue one's studying. </p><p>After discontinue one's studying, alex resists at the same time domestic pressure, seek the job at the same time, the professional class that the public begin school that the time of the others uses MIT continues to study him environment science, other time can see a few economy kind course. </p><p>" just " he viewed this subject 3 times, "The fun that I experienced that paragraph of time to think independently, is not the anguish that is engrafted " , alex say, "Classroom and study should be such. "Classroom and study should be such.. </p><p>To him, open class more resembling is how-to, see interested course, he can look for more professional books, study case deep even. Reading " person and environment " when this teaching material, he designed the investigation questionnaire of consciousness of environment of a citizen according to the investigation method in textbook. This used him full time of two days, although reclaimed only finally the effective questionnaire of 40% , but Alex feels he knows knowledge at least from why and came. The 2nd times he changed research target, did a frog to decrease brought sequential investigation in the action in agriculture and quantitative acute. </p><p>Had graduated two years, the Ma Yuan that becomes village officer in Beijing room hill beautiful the from everybody net in sharing bring into contact with a year ago " happy " . Used the time of a few months to listen to this class brokenly, the future after a year still errant, but tower Dr. Er makes her more gentle the ground faces an environment, "A lot of things do not have a law to change, then I am accepted. Then I am accepted.. </p><p>Place of luck of bright red royal seal says no less than, " just " and " happy " the calling card that has become open subject, a lot of people from here introduction, go seeking the course that they are interested in more next. </p><p>Enter job a week, yellow Mou begins to be assumed in the open course group of Netease a few proofread the job that engineers with special subject, he did not feel he is very special, he is clear want a bigger platform, cost is to cannot be mixed euqally follow one's inclinations before. </p><p>But he still expects to be able to produce bigger effect here, have in the card that throws fabaceous piece at first in him so a word: The university that lets a whole world is asp! </p><p>Who is hoisting open tax</p><p>1 blame seeks profits organization</p><p>OOPS: Open type course plan, chinese bound translates the project of abroad and open class the earliest. </p><p>OCWC: International opens a subject allied, give priority to in order to teach orgnaization member, include other orgnaization and business alliance member. </p><p>CORE: China opens combine of educational natural resources, it is the combine that with partial China university and whole nation university of provincial broadcasting television is a member one. </p><p>2 caption group</p><p>YYeTs person people inspects caption group: The earliest interpreter " just " caption group, had established open class to translate a group now, already translated course of 3 0 much door, translate open class to the plan of two collect every week according to existing course. </p><p>TLF caption group: According to group member interest chooses to translate course, masterpiece " epidemic " , " environmental politics and law " . </p><p><p>Group of OCou Rse caption: With manage engineering course course is main interpreter object, masterpiece " physics of industry of hemp province grain: Report and magnetism " , " linear algebra " . </p><p>3 assistance orgnaization</p><p>The William&Flora Hewlett Foundation: </p><p>Contributive assistance OCWC. </p><p>Foundation of international project technology (IETF) : Contributive assistance CORE. </p><p>Strange unreal foundation: Contributive assistance OOPS. </p><p>4 business company</p><p>Netease makes public a class: Devoted 15 0 0 10 thousand, exceed course of door of 6 0 0 0, among them many 1700 course contains Chinese and English caption. </p><p>Sina makes public a class: Throw 3 million yuan, the course that already had subtitle is close to 2700. </p>(Article origin: Author of weekly of the first finance and economics: Article Shu fine jade)

      December 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commentergucci outlet

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