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      Thoughts on Occupy from Strong Supporters

      Has Occupy Los Angeles crested? 

      At Saturday’s Teach-In, the most excitement I observed, was for the Hemp group who was giving away single serving pouches of weed. The line for free weed was a hundred feet+ long, filled with a majority of apolitical youth.

      The party atmosphere seems to have overridden the political. The core members have posted signs declaring, "More revolution, less party".

      Also, the homeless OccupIer's are growing steadily, because of the safe environment and access to free food. They bring to the site a lot of baggage, filled w/ their serious drug use, mental illnesses and occasional violent outbreaks.

      I read an internal blog stating that the core Occupiers are considering abandoning the site and moving west...

      The CCA, Central City Association is the ones backing the anti-encampment law.

      Tom, what is it about S Cal long known history of being politically soft? Is it the weather, geographically spread out, short attention spans, anti-intellectual," I am going to be famous some day", surfs up...

      Lastly, Occupy's non hierarchical structure does not seem feasible over the long term. The 90 - 100% consensus is energy draining and quite time consuming.

      The occupation is growing:

      Last time I was impressed but this time [Occupy Los Angeles] has grown exponentially. The tents were peg-to-peg. You couldn't even walk between them. Hundreds of tents. The South entrance steps are no longer a viable venue because there is nowhere to stand or sit - the teach in had to be held on a closed-off Spring Street. We were all so excited to see each other! I met Sherzhad as I was pulling into Joe's parking lot - she and a friend were bring back empty pots that had been filled with chili. Julie welcomed us at her tent and then we were off to the teach-in. We excitedly spotted each other in the crowd and managed to get close to each other to share the experience. So many friends! Every time I looked around someone else was coming to say hello, hug and be glad we were all together. I can't name everyone - there were too many. Robert Reich was his usual inspiring, intelligent self. Robert Scheer and William Black brought their sense of total outrage. All three complained that no one from Wall Street has been arrested yet. Joel Rogers from Wisconsin gave us some pointers on how to keep it going and not get pulled in the wrong direction. While the sun was high the temps were fine but as the sun started to go down and the questions for the panel continued many of us started to head home. Our intrepid film maker Ted Vaill was there for the march then until I left so we should have some good video soon. Justice trumps grass every time! Power to the people!!! The people united cannot be defeated!!

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