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      50,000 American Casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq

      Some day soon, the number of American dead and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq will surpass the 50,000 mark. As of today, that total is 49,182.

      5,998 American troops have died.

      43,184 American troops have been officially wounded.

      An additional 54,592 have required medical evacuation out of combat theaters Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.

      The result, a sum total 103,774 U.S. troopsa conservative minimum not including: the walking wounded; those suffering from traumatic brain injury; attempted or successful suicides; or civilian contractors—are casualties of these long wars.

      Following the military’s surge in Afghanistan, American casualty rates have significantly worsened. 610 of the 1,546 U.S. troop fatalities have occurred since 2009, along with 6,260 of the 11,110 total wounded during the same time frame.

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      Reader Comments (4)

      Tom: I received an email from a military families group couple of weeks ago. They sent a statement from Veterans Affairs claiming 73,000 men DIED just in Iraq, and the Pentagon refused to actually list those casualties because the number would be even greater than the 54,000 (?) dead from Vietnam. I will try to find that document and send to you. My dear friends son just arrived at Dover AFB, he was in Afganistan. This young 22 yr will never walk or be able to feed himself again. He was in a roadside blast which caused the truck to overturn and rolled down an embankment. Five of the others died, except for Rusty....who wishes he had. This good looking kid so full of life joined up and asked to go to Afganistan (cuz thats where the terrorists came from). He has stories no one would believe. He says, the Afganis cant read or write, they are all addicted to heroin and they cannot be trained. When they get up in the morning they dont eat, or put their "gear on", and have to be prodded out of their tents. Some runaway. The smell of drugs permeates the whole camp. The US soldiers realize they were scammed by our government, many want out, but they cant get out. We must end this illegal war of choice and bring these kids home. If Obama and his right wing neo con cabinent, and this unmerciful, military industrial complex arent reigned in....thousands more will die...and no one knows why? Why are we there? Obama is permitting his foreign policy to be run by neo cons...Biden, Clinton, Petraus, Panetta et al...are no better than Bush. Thanks for your time.

      April 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterspktruth200

      General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the Industrial Military Complex in the 1950's, and nobody listened. The IMC is "The Government within the Government " running this country. Remember Presidents and staffers come and go but the money people in the IMC are their for life.

      President Bush and his side kick Dick Cheney pulled off the greatest coverup of their business operations in US history, by declaring Energy Policy a matter of National Security. No one can discuss the real truth about Afghanistan & Iraq and the media was instructed to stay clear as well.

      Afghanistan = The TAPI pipeline, a 42" high pressure gas main from the Caspian Sea to the waiting Plastics Industry in South east Asia. Nothing more nothing less. The truth about 911 is in the pipeline deals beginning with the Clinton Administration. When you send special Ops forces into Afghanistan to kill Taliban members who renege on a business deal and get attacked in return what do you expect ?

      Iraq is just as sick. Karl Rove said "We had to stop Saddam because he was manipulating the oil Market ". That's right he was selling oil cheaper than the Saudis, getting back at George Sr. for Desert Storm. Saddam was hitting them right in their pocketbook and they couldn't stand it. Why do you think the Saudis met with George Herbert Walker Bush at 'Walker Point' in Maine before the Iraq invasion ? It sure wasn't for tea !

      These SOB's disgust me. My heart goes out to all the poor mothers and fathers that lost their children in these wars.
      They were lied to and told that our Freedom depended on it. Biggest line of CRAP ever put against the American people.

      We have our FREEDOM. The troops only function is to protect the contractors and engineers involved in the 'Silk Road' Pipeline known as the TAPI Pipeline. Guaranteeing it's safety was a pre requisite to for funding by the World Bank and others. UNOCAL now hides behind a consortium of Gas & Oil companies participating in the venture. The plight of Iraq hangs in the balance. The competition has been eliminated, Saddam is dead and now the world will pay dearly for oil.

      April 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersamsel

      Samsel, What an astute comment. These issues are complicated to many of us. We know this is a power struggle but your explanation hightens my understanding. Thank you.

      May 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa

      I found the email that claimed 73,000 vets have died in these illegal wars. It came from So, I still dont know what the real numbers are but I dont doubt the numbers are MUCH higher than we are being told. 2) I am very upset as a native american woman the use of Geronimo by the US government. Geronimo was a hero and icon to the native american people, and lets be real. Native americans have been fighting terrorists since 1492. The US never misses an opportunity to continue the hatred of native americans, using REAL terrorists like Bin Laden while giving the code name of killing Osama as Geronimo. There are so few natives left NO President ever gave them their justice. We have a black man as president who obviously didnt get it that referring to a hero like Geronimo in their operation to get bin laden, might just upset native americans. Today, the native american community will be requesting the government to stop using native americans as if they are still terrorists and enemies of the US. After 400 natives have died in these illegal wars...didnt they give up enough blood for the USA, Inc.

      May 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterspktruth200
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