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      The Peace Exchange Bulletin

      Published by Tom Hayden, The Peace Exchange Bulletin is a reader-supported journal, critically following the Pentagon's Long War in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as the failed U.S. wars on drugs and gangs, and U.S. military responses to nationalism and poverty around the world.


      Bernie’s Long Shot Campaign Strategy

      Bernie’s Continental Army (what else to call it?) is readying to throw itself into a vital string of primaries from Wisconsin (April 5) to the Wyoming caucus (April 9) all the way to New York (April 19) and finally California (June 7). They tend to win "whiter" primaries and caucuses where grass-roots organizers dominate. If Bernie splits those big and diverse states with Hillary, she will still add important delegates to her total of 280 pledged delegates and 440 additional super-delegates. That gives her a 300+ delegate edge on the quest for 2,382. 

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      Sanders' Michigan Win Affirms Fair Trade Movement

      Tom Hayden with both Democratic Presidential Candidates. (Photo: 2016, PJRC)Bernie's win in Michigan was no "surprise". His surge was testimony to his campaign spirit. It also was based on a Michigan rejection of the false promises of Clinton-era corporate and financial globalization policies like NAFTA and the TPP. Five million US manufacturing jobs were lost between 1997 and 2014. The US lost 850,000 jobs to Mexico alone during 1993-2013 according to the Economic Policy Institute.

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      Why Republicans Won’t Give Up Without a Fight on Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

      Originally Published by The Nation on Febuary 23rd, 2016.


      The Republicans are implacable in doing anything to stop Obama. That is the unfortunate starting point for any discussion of the Supreme Court opening. They see Armageddon for the 40-year conservative dominance of the Court. It’s not an opening based on the death of one justice; it’s also the death of an era and the coming of a multicultural, multiracial, and multilingual America where the entrenched white power structure is losing command and control. It’s an America where navala ships are named after John Lewis, and that America cannot be abided by one-third of our voters, mostly living in the former Confederacy and the Western Frontier. The mounting violence in the country is due to the unnecessary perception that the whole white race is doomed. (Hey, we are 38 percent of the Obama vote nationwide, so get a life!)

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      "Somebody's Got to Tell It!"- Jack Newfield, 2002

      On the Inevitability of Risk

      Support the spirit and future of the Bernie generation. That's imperative no matter which candidate you vote for in the primary. His progress has been amazing since the early moment when I welcomed him at a kickoff rally in LA. The Sanders campaign will have a deep lasting impact on social movements, younger progressive Democrats, local elections and presidential politics far into the future. Hopefully it will turn the "progressive wing of the Democratic Party" into a real force ahead.

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      Thank You Bernie

      I was very happy last night to see Bernie’s evolution of his position on the immunity given gun manufacturers. His new position is good for him, good for the Democratic Party, and a great boost for gun safety advocates.

      I sent the private letter below in early November, two months before last night's debate in South Carolina. I did not oppose his campaign or attack him. My concept of conflict resolution favors the improvement of a candidate's position, not the usual tactic of attacking a candidate until they change position and then triumphantly accusing them of flip-flopping to take advantage. There's a big difference between evolving and flip-flopping. So Bernie should be thanked for his good judgment. This is good for our party and the country.

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      Vermont Divestment In Sight, More to Come

      Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin can advance the cause of fossil fuel divestment by his proposal to divest from oil and Exxon. California’s pace setting divestment law which passed the Legislature this year, was restricted to ending California’s long dependency on coal. At the time of passage, advocates began to focus on other states and big cities where the divest/invest approach will have popular and electoral support. The hope is for a domino effect this year. Enviro groups based in networks and chapters have a real opportunity to move forward. The first step is to form a coalition based in the right areas, target a city, state, university or church,  find an elected official to submit a draft to legislative counsels, and expect an argument which can be won with hard work. 
      I was involved in the fights to divest from South African apartheid and Big Tobacco decades ago. Goals which were considered “impossible” were achieved in those cases. 
      Are we reaching the tipping point? Who will be next to step up? New York? Massachusetts? Washington state? We now know the process is unfolding through our efforts. Next in sight— slashing black carbon, methane, and F-gases as fastest path to preventing catastrophe ahead.



      Tom Hayden for California DNC Member

      Tom Hayden at a climate rally in Pershing Square, Los Angeles, California to celebrate the achievements of the Paris Climate Talks (National Nurses United, December 2015)Dear Democratic Friends,    
      I have decided to run for an open seat on the Democratic National Committee and would be honored to receive your endorsement and feedback. 
      Why am I doing this? 
      First, the crisis of 2016 in politics. I see great opportunities in the rise of social movements for living wages, climate justice, marriage equality, diplomacy towards Cuba and Iran, and the continued election of great progressives like Mayor De Blasio in New York City, Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, and real progressives from San Francisco to Seattle.
      However we cannot afford to lose another close election. The Republicans now dominate the US Supreme Court, Congress, and constantly obstruct the White House.  Losing the presidency this year to the Republicans will doom the progressive agenda for another generation. Public employees and their unions are under court and political attack in many states. Budgets for public schools, universities, and Obamacare are threatened by privatization, while affirmative action is under siege. Planned Parenthood faces permanent attack and threats of violence. The wanton shooting of unarmed black men is a plague returning from the past to impose a nightmare on our present and future. Immigration reform and the cause of the Dreamers are threatened by wholesale deportation and no way forward. Jobs with decent wages are disappearing, not recovering. Where the minimum wage is rising, it's only because labor and community coalitions are fighting for $15 an hour. The big banks and corporations, with their monopoly of secret money, are trying to end democracy in America. The threats of terrorism and the likelihood of an expanding war are shadows over today and tomorrow.  

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      New Greenwald Film "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed & The NRA" Might Change the Political Debate

      The film, scheduled to be released in March, depicts the National Rifle Association, as a profit-making mega-business operating with complete immunity, and it’s complete with wrenching real-life stories of families affected. President Obama issued his executive order yesterday, while gun control measures are gaining ground in many states and cities. With 80-90 percent majorities blowing in the wind, the President, and Democratic Presidential Nominees Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have an advantage in the debate. The Greenwald film could be seen by thousands, even millions, of Democratic voters, raising their intensity to historic levels. It will be a powerful tool at house parties everywhere.

      Beisbol at Center of Cuban-US Rapprochement 

      I've written articles this year in the Los Angeles Times and the Nation, as well as an entire book, Listen Yankee! on the Cuban-US rapprochement, but my favorite reporting is about baseball and coexistence. Not only because I'm an old ballplayer who's visited Cuba several times, but because baseball is the best framework for achieving real results in the immediate future. The sport is a shared passion in both our countries; baseball diplomacy already is bringing real results and the solidifying a long-term rapprochement subject to pressure on other fronts. Only a 50 percent increase in authorized American travel to Cuba this year will have equal or greater effect now that more than 100 commercial flights by a US airline are being negotiated.

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      Thank You to Our Donors!

      So many of our readers have donated to our IndieGogo campaign this holiday season and we want to thank them!

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