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      A Petition Against Quagmire in Libya

      Thousands of Americans are expected to sign the following petition against a quagmire in Libya, which is to be delivered to the White House and by local activists to their elected representatives. The campaign against a Libyan quagmire flows out of continuing grass-roots pressure against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

      The petition is being circulated by the Peace and Justice Resource Center, directed by Tom Hayden, an author and critic of the “Long War” for the past decade, and a leader of the anti-Vietnam movement of the 1960s. The PJRC is an online network affiliated with clusters in over 50 American cities as well as peace groups in NATO countries. The petition is meant to promote local discussion and serve as an organizing tool in anti-war outreach and advocacy before elected officials. 


      The full text of the petition follows:

      The United States cannot afford a deepening quagmire in Libya. We call on President Obama to seek authorization from the U.S. Congress for his Libyan bombing campaign, including a mission statement limited to protecting Libyan civilians, a viable diplomatic strategy, an exact cost projection, and a timeline for the rapid withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops before the war becomes another quagmire.

      We believe that Col. Quaddafi is an autocratic ruler who has controlled Libyan lives for far too long. But we also believe a military escalation to remove him would be seen as a violation of Libyan sovereignty and a subversion of United Nations authorization 1973. Col. Quaddafi can be contained, forced into exile, or removed by the force of his own people.

      We call for a responsible White House plan to end the unaffordable trillion dollar wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. The pro-democracy movements sweeping the Middle East and North Africa deserve American diplomatic, economic and political support, but cannot become the platform for another decade of military intervention.

      We support the Democratic National Committee’s recent resolution calling for a significant and substantial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan beginning this July, and the transfer of funds for war to rebuilding our economy at home.

      We further call for the most serious effort of our generation to speed the transition to energy conservation and renewable resources with the same urgency with which our government takes us to war.

      It is time for a great re-thinking of American foreign policy, and a stronger movement for peace, jobs and environmental sanity.

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      Reader Comments (1)

      The petition seems to support the U.S. military intervention in Libya, only opposing a "quagmire," or let's say protracted involvement. The petition seems to support sending and possibly leaving some U.S. troops into Libya by calling for the rapid withdrawal of "combat" troops. I amn perplexed that a group using the word "peace" in its title would concede the legitimacy of this unprovoked U.S. and European war against Libya. Among other things, it is without any substantial dispute that the President has no authority to declare war or send our country into war, and that this power is given in the constitution exclusively to Congress. Why wouldn't the petition start out with the clear demand that the President not only withdraw all U.S. troops, planes, missiles and support, but also that he acknowledge publicly that his conduct, in accordance with the bush-cheney doctrine of the Imperial Presidency, or dictatorship as some would have it, was contrary to law. We cannot simply sit by quietly while presidents become dictators, ignore the law, and start secret (Yemen, Pakistan), illegal, wars of aggression against anybody who happens to get in their cross-hair.

      Among other things, the U.S. has no business in the middle east at all. None. It is not our business if Qadaffi and the "Rebels" (who could be mercenaries funded by the U.S. for all we know -- reports have half of them saying they want Qadaffi out because they think he's Jewish) are at war with each other. It appears the 'Rebels" do not have sufficient support to overthrow Qadaffi. Perhaps they should not have picked up weapons. Perhaps they should have stuck to nonviolence. But whatever the case, it is not the business of the U.S. to involve itself in Libya's internal politics.

      They've got Nick Sarkozy over there, apparently just not that into his former bff Mo Qadaffi who has generously signed billions of dollars in French contracts (the tanks firing on the "Rebels" were probably sold to Mo by French military defense companies). The French will go in and try to take out Qadaffi because of financial interests, just like the Europeans always do. Let them. Let the Europeans fight it out with the other Arab countries. It is none of our business.

      We now have the official policy of telling the Detroit schools to stack up the children 70 to a classroom because there is no money to educate our children. 45,000 Americans die every year from lack of health care, and we have an unofficial unemployment of 20%, with 30% in many communities, and many Americans are broke and homeless. We can no longer afford fanatic politicians playing war every time their poll numbers go down. We need to stand up clearly and with a strong voice against the insanity that has overtaken our country. We have a militaristic nation that goes to war like other people change their underwear. We need to stop doing that. We are slaughtering people, and it cannot be justified on claims of "we're on the right side." We never are. You can just bet we're not this time either.

      The petition should demand Obama get out of Libya and all the other middle eastern countries and acknowledge, publicly state, that he had no authority to start this war. It's like Generalissimo Obama has taken control. War is not the answer.

      March 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNABNYC
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