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      Barbara Lee Pushing Obama, NATO Toward Afghan Peace

      Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) is hoping that a majority of House Democrats, along with a dozen Republicans, will sign a letter before the Chicago NATO summit demanding the “expediting of our troops’ return” and a “speed up” of the transition to Afghan sovereignty. Similar messages are being sent to NATO leaders from their war-weary and economically-stressed public in the run up to the May 18-20 summit. 

      Later this spring, Lee will try to force a House vote on her HR 780, to cut funding for US military operations in Afghanistan except for the costs of orderly withdrawal. Lee and her colleagues are demanding a diplomatic surge to replace the failed military one.

      Lee’s letter will be used by local peace activists demanding that their representatives sign on before the Chicago sum mit.

      Dear Colleague,

      The American people have overwhelmingly come to the conclusion that our brave men and women in uniform have accomplished all that we have asked of them and it is time to bring them home from Afghanistan.

      Members of Congress need to stand with seven out of ten Americans (including 52% of GOP voters) who oppose the war in Afghanistan.

      We invite you to sign on to the letter below which calls on the President to expedite our troops’ return and speed up the transition to having Afghans in charge of Afghanistan.


      Barbara Lee                                        Walter Jones

      Member of Congress                     Member of Congress

      Dear President Obama:

      A year has passed since Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan and the number of al Qaeda members in Afghanistan has been reduced to less than one hundred. Our brave men and women in uniform have done everything that we have asked of them. With over 17,000 dead and wounded U.S. servicemen and women, and long term costs estimated at $4 trillion for the past decade of unfunded wars, the overwhelming majority of American people want to bring the war in Afghanistan to an expedited end.

      While many of us would prefer an immediate full withdrawal from Afghanistan, there is broad, bipartisan consensus in Congress and across America that it is time to accelerate the transition from U.S. to Afghan control.

      Therefore, we ask that you update the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan at the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago and announce an expedited withdrawal of our troops, safely and responsibly, from Afghanistan. 


      Members of Congress

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