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      Barbara Lee: We Need to Convince Obama to Campaign Against War

      President Obama needs to be convinced to “shift his political calculus” and campaign in 2012 “on a platform of ending the war in Afghanistan,” Rep. Barbara Lee told representatives of several peace organizations in a conference call on January 10.

      Lee vowed to re-introduce legislation to end military funding for Afghanistan, except to pay for a “responsible withdrawal”, in the current Congressional session. President Obama has previously said he expects calls for an exit strategy to come from the Hill. But with Republicans in control of the House, prospects have dimmed for anti-war floor debate and amendments to curb the wars, though Lee speculated that some Tea Party Republicans might oppose the war on deficit-reduction grounds, and that the new Republican leadership might allow Democratic differences with the president to be aired.

      Where legislation is smothered by Republicans, she supports releasing Congressional letters signed by 50-100 representatives as policy issues arise concerning Afghanistan. Obama has promised to “begin” withdrawals this July, but has offered no specifics as to the numbers thus far. He is committed to withdrawing all remaining troops from Iraq in December, but faces pressure to maintain a force of 30-50,000 there.

      Lee committed herself to joining others in campaigning against the war in congressional districts around the country.


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      Reader Comments (3)

      The war in Afghanistan has become "Obama's War." With the majority of Americans opposed to the war, that could prove fatal to his candidacy in 2012. If opposition to the war becomes a Tea Party proposal, that's fine, but Obama better not let himself get behind the curve and give them credit for getting us out of this mess.

      January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWright Salisbury

      My understanding is that with Patraeus in charge we are murdering more Afghani civilians than ever - a similar event that happened with "the surge" in Iraq that the regular press never reported.
      Any innovative ideas on what the average citizen-on-the-street can do to make a difference on this issue. I've done the usual, i.e., written letters to Obama, attended anti-war / peace meetings, called legislatures, but the war continues to go forward?
      From: "Heartbroken" over the carnage

      January 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDonna Shanske

      Here are a few more appalling reasons the US needs to end its costly and fruitless assault on Afghanistan.
      Massive damage to crops, increasing civilian deaths and now, reports of several Afghan women abducted and raped by US soldiers.
      Initial report claims one teenage girl died because of the severity of her wounds. She was allegedly the daughter of an Afghan official. The PressTV report did not provide names so this is hard to confirm but it is a story that needs to be investigated.

      US Troops Reportedly Rape, Kill Afghan Leader's Daughter:
      Top US Official Predicts More Civilians Will Die

      January 14, 2011
      PressTV & Reuters & Xinhua
      An Afghan politician's daughter has reportedly died after being raped by American soldiers in Farah province. Two other victims were hospitalized and are being treated for serious injuries suffered during multiple rapes. Meanwhile, as many as 34,000 Afghan civilians have died due to displacement, starvation, disease, exposure, lack of medical treatment, crime and lawlessness resulting from the war.

      Occupation Forces Caused $100 Million in Damage to Kandahar Crops

      January 14, 2011
      Reuters & Daily Mail
      Afghan and foreign forces have reportedly caused more than $100 million damage to fruit crops and homes during security operations in southern Kandahar province. Meanwhile, violence is at its worst since US-backed Afghan forces overthrew the Islamist government in 2001.

      January 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGar Smith

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