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      Congressional Progressive Caucus Posts a Progressive Alternative

      With nearly 80 members, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is insisting on a role in the growing budget debate in Washington. Their proposed “people’s budget” is a major counter to the Tea Party’s reckless insanity and the drift of centrist Democrats and Republicans. Items in the “people’s budget” have popular support in polls. The progressive proposal is the first to link the fight for closing corporate tax loopholes and saving Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare with the “need to responsibly end the wars abroad and limit future military excursions that obligate tax dollars and the lives of young men and women with little direct benefit to the United States.”

      It is a budget that progressives should want to fight for. Click here to read the proposal.

      Does the "people's budget" have a chance? No, not this year, but it unites a bloc that the White House will have to take more seriously now that the progressive proposal is on the table. It represents a force pushing back against the threats from the right and center. It shapes a coherent message to carry into the 2012 election debates. It is a platform for all the fighting progressives in states like Wisconsin who want leadership on the national level.

      Much depends on whether the CPC can preserve enough unity to take their vision on road, through town-hall meetings across America, and build a kind of party-within-a-party linked through an outside-inside strategy with local progressive Democrats, civil rights, labor, women, LGBT, environmental, and peace groups, including public-private labor coalitions to battle for a green-jobs future.

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