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      Getting Ready for 2014 Senate Races

      The Washington Post's published an informative chart today on the Senate seats up for play this coming November. Check it out here:

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      Reader Comments (1)

      An interesting article on the influence of Obama's approval numbers on the Democrats chances in 2014.

      Obama's Job Approval Points to 2014 Trouble for Democrats

      I see two reasons for the decline of Obama's job approval numbers: 1) the ACA implementation debacle and 2) his response to the NSA revelations which disproportionately affects his numbers with the younger demographic.

      The first I believe will gradually disappear as an issue as the program gets the bugs out.

      Te second however will not disappear as more revelations are forthcoming and Obama's response is to put lipstick on the pig. Currently there are two bills in committee: the FISA Improvement Act, shepherded by Diane Feinstein and the USA Freedom Act by Jim Sensenbrenner and Patrick Leahy. The first should be called the NSA rubber stamp act and will do nothing. The later will outlaw the dragnet on telephone metadata. Both bills are stuck in committee and as usual Obama is splitting the difference and supporting neither. His failure to address this issue will cost the Democrats dearly among the more technically astute younger voters who by all measure should overwhelmingly be Democrat voters.

      March 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEd Fladung
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