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      Interpol: Julian Assange 'Red Notice' Issued

      WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange was placed on Interpol’s “most wanted” list as U.S. authorities intensified efforts to suppress the whistleblower organization’s deluge of classified U.S. diplomatic cables. Assange’s location was not immediately known. His choices are to turn himself in or be tracked down by local police. If outside of Sweden, he could face extradition charges to stand trial there. Or the U.S. could seek his extradiction on charges of espionage or theft of classified documents.

      The legal proceedings could become the trial of the century and generate greater public attention to improper and even shocking revelations about U.S. foreign policy.

      CNN legal correspondent Jeffrey Toobin called Assange “delusional”, “ridiculous” and “absurd”, characterizations sure to be rejected by most of the global peace community.

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      Reader Comments (1)

      Isn´t it high time to put real war criminals on trial instead.Haven´t they made enough harm to the human kind already.If Julian Assange is on Interpols " most wanted-list",then we need a blinking mostmostmostwanted list for all the criminals,murderers and thieves-of-lives-persons that obviously are filling the corridors of Pentagon,the White House,The Bilderberggroupmeetings and more. I call for all peaceorganizations to arise.There is not time anymore to go shopping.
      If they kill Julian Assange my friends, then Politkovskaja and all her dead colleagues all over the world, died in vane.
      The weapon industry must be torn down.We don´t need weapons.All we need is love.We need Beatles and all the protestsingers of the world to rise.We need food for the hungry,shelter for the homeless and rightous laws.We don´t need Bushes,we need trees.God Blames America.

      December 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSave human rights
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