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      Marc Pilisuk: Is Iran War the Secret Weapon of the One Percent?

      By Marc Pilisuk, revised from the Winter Issue of Nonviolent Change Journal.

      Is Iran War the Secret Weapon of the One Percent?

      US troops going to Jerusalem sounds like a step toward Armagedon. Yet according to one typically reliable source it is happening,* It is happening at a time of escalating threats to Iran based upon a document that shows no evidence of Iranian efforts to build a bomb.  However, an Iran strike should also be looked upon as the concealed weapon of the 1% and as an argument by the nuclear weapons complex that the huge budget for new weapons development is related to real world military concerns,

      One joy of the occupy movement is its drawing legitimacy and attention to who in fact are the 1 %.  Some of them, focused in the petroleum institute are pushing all out for the keystone pipeline which has been labeled "game over." Others through WTO and affiliated banks are driving the crippling austerity programs nationally and internationally.

      Some of the most difficult parts to occupy are the security state components. These range from surveillance apparatus , dark sites, counter-insurgency contracts, security intelligence briefings and a commitment to militarization, arms transfers, nuclear weapons development and the depiction of enemies needed to sustain the warfare state. In my book, Who Benefits from Global Violence and War, I reviewed  this segment of the 1% as it relates to the other sectors and how it can manipulate the US into violent military activities. The analysis is supported in an excellent new book,  Andrew Feinstein: Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade. My great immediate fear is for this portion of the 1% to see the military apparatus, including vast expenditures for new nuclear weapon development and drones both for domination of space and from space, to be in need of justification in the face of the Occupy values. The use of Israel or permission for lsrael for a breach of the nuclear weapons barrier by use of bunker buster weapons to destroy the deeply buried Iranian nuclear development is a real threat.   This could become the beginning of an uncontrollable proliferation. But more immediately, it gives the 1% a possibility to hijack the public agenda away from the occupy movement and to draw public attention to the demon du jour, Iran. The capacities of the 1% should not be underestimated.

      The new vision of planetary justice, sustainability and global participatory democracy will require major transformations in industrialization, in global capitalism and in monetary systems. New global statutes, life styles and values when made explicit, threaten the 1%. The capacities of the 1% should not be underestimated. The challenge for us is to find ways to enhance our own involvement in this long overdue transformative change while being aware of the how a military power elite can create incidents of war that set back all hopes.  New ways to occupy the military security apparatus must follow upon efforts to protect whistle blowers like Bradley Manning. And escalating threats leading to an attack upon Iran must be replaced by voices of reason.

      * US Troops going to Israel Friends of Sabeel--North America: Voice of the Palestinian Christians

      The Nonviolent Change Journal is published by the Research/Action Team on Nonviolent Large Systems Change - an interorganizational and international project of The Organization Development Institute (ISOD).

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      Reader Comments (1)

      As I was reading through this article, I was becoming increasingly upset with each succeeding sentence. Why? Because it seemed to be very sad evidence that Tom Hayden had really lost it. For Tom to have written something that is so preposterously oversimplified, so conspiratorial that it more resembles satire than serious analysis was almost more than I could bear - given that , for the most part, I have held Tom Hayden in high regard for more than forty years. While, recently, I have come to feel that Tom has all too often fallen prey to oversimplified dogma, I still considered him to be very much worth listening to. But after reading THIS?
      Man, was I relieved when I scrolled back to the top of the article and realized that Tom hadn't actually written this nonsense. But then I also realized that he had - apparently - taken it seriously enough to post it. Say it ain't so, Tom!
      Ken Brociner

      March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKen Brociner
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