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      Murder Threats Rise Against WikiLeaks Founder

      As embarrassing WikiLeaks documents continue being released to the mainstream media, the response from frustrated commentators ranges from “execute him” [Mike Huckabee, Fox] to “hunt him down like the Taliban” [Sarah Palin] to ignore him as “delusional” [Jeffrey Toobin, CNN]. In both cases, the dangers are real.

      Huckabee’s call for the death penalty was one-upped by Tom Flanagan, a former adviser to Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, who suggested on CBC that he be assassinated, perhaps by a drone.

      Thus far not a single person in the political or media establishments has defended the rights of Assange or WikiLeaks, while at the same time filling their outlets with the [apparently] illegally-obtained documents.

      Tom Hayden has sent a complaint to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the string of epithets issued against Assange by “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin last night. If and when Assange is arrested, extradicted or goes to trial, experts like Toobin already have reached their verdict, based on their personality assessments rather than the evidence and law.

      The Peace and Justice Resource Center is urging all advocates of fairness to demand objective and thorough coverage of the case as it unfolds.

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      Reader Comments (2)

      Yes,where are all defenders of Human Rights.
      I am deeply ashamed of being a Swede.The swedish law is obviously already so deeply americanized or perhaps "bushized" that we donĀ“t have any courageous lawyers or rightous laws left.And politically is there only one small party left,that still have some feeling for what is right and what is wrong.That is a fainting Left.Freedom of speech left Sweden completely with the same ticket,thatJulian Assange used.We need a new Anti-Vietnam-war-wave.Come on young people! Where are you???????????The radioactive weapons already has poisoned half the world.We need a peace-revolution! Now!

      December 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSave human rights

      Tom, I agree with you and have been aghast at all of the comments to execute Assange from servile tool pundits. Matthew Lewis was on Dylan Ratigan the other day and said the guy should be executed, then Anna Marie Cox pointed out that he should get a fair trial. Matt said, "oh yeah, that's right, he should get a trial first." These people portend to care about the constitution and trash it and defend the trashing of it every chance they get, from torture to privacy and every other right in between, they try to fear monger it away.

      BUT, I do want to enter one correction. Yesterday on Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygur did a rant at the end of the show calling all of these comments out and showing the hypocrisy when compared to Scooter Libby outing Valerie Plame. The narrative from some of the anchors the first couple days was chilling. Saying the site should be shut down and bringing out every military contractor shill they could find to say what an enemy of the country Assange is.

      Didn't anybody see "The Fugitive"?

      December 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCherokeeGirl

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