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      On Tonight’s Obama Speech and Beyond

      Assuming President Obama pulls 33,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2012, that’s a reversal of the surge he reluctantly gave the generals in 2009. It’s all in Bob Woodward’s book, Obama’s Wars. That leaves 76,000, and Obama wants to pull all combat troops by 2014, which is the same year Afghans elect a new president after Karzai, and the same year all the NATO troops will be gone. So the plan is to draw down U.S. troops from combat roles while installing a new government that has space for the Taliban in a power-sharing arrangement to be stable by 2014. That would save $50 billion per year. If, and it’s a huge forgotten if, he withdraws his 47,000 troops from Iraq by this December, that’s another $50 billion saved.

      Obama could plausibly run on a platform of responsibly withdrawing from two quagmires while still fighting al Qaeda and terrorism in 2012.

      Many progressives and peace activists will not like this, or will go along only reluctantly. But it probably assures him some moderate and independent voters who hate the war costs.

      He could be driven towards a more rapid withdrawal if the Republicans unexpectedly push him from that direction. Huntsman, Paul, Romney already are, and 47% of Republicans are anti-war now.

      Obama’s strategy could potentially implode since it is based on the Karzai government surviving and its armed forces getting up to speed. Comparisons with Iraq are false, because in Iraq there was a strong Shiite majority who could be installed in power, with plenty of troops, against the minority Sunni. In Afghanistan, the numbers are reversed, and while the Taliban are unpopular there is no evidence that a government/army composed of northern tribes can hold power. It’s either a power-sharing arrangement with massive outside support, or return towards sectarian civil war. Bluntly, the Karzai regime and army are like Humpty-Dumpty.

      Finally, there is Pakistan, where the drones and special forces are escalating along with alienating the population. And there’s Yemen, Libya, the long war against terrorism. If there is an analogy, it’s the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Central America, all fought against the backdrop of the Cold War against the international communist conspiracy, which turned out to be a false construct. There are progressive forces in America who can effectively oppose a hot war with ground troops, but if the underlying rationale is not challenged, new hot wars will replace the dying ones.

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      Reader Comments (1)

      at the table- representatives of the highest level of the armed forces and spy agencies -

      Generals, we have something we think you should see. These are the results of our Echelon Revelation project. Full documents are passed around the room. The Generals are handed a detailed briefing of all the communication.

      These are the couple we have been following and communicating with.

      While the Generals read, a slide show is presented of the two year conversation and all the participants.

      The slide show ends and the room goes silent. One of the Generals is seen like he’s making a prayer.

      General # 3 - ‘Are you telling us they have arrived on Earth and have some things to say to us.

      - That’s what we’re telling you sir.

      General # 1 - ‘Where do these people sit on your chart?’

      - They are the chart.

      General # 2 - ‘I see. These are very serious issues. Why wasn’t this brought to our attention earlier?’

      - We had our best people working on this and were given bad advice by the. The and message boards where the military posts are shown. It seems not all of our people are were working in the best interests of The World and the human species and had their own evil agenda. We thought because they had the same training as us they were on our side, and they weren’t.

      General # 3 - ‘And they’ve been taken care of.’

      - Uhhh, their still on our payroll.

      The board goes silent and the verse detailing the coddling of criminals is shown on the projector.

      General # 2 - Who is he, materially.

      - He’s a new artist. For some reason he had to wait until he was 36 to begin the religious conversation with the people we knew. Other than that, he’s been working here and there and has been writing and studying. He’s no Mother Theresa, but he’s a holy guy. He smokes pot, which he addressed in one of the verses he’s published.

      General # 4 turns to the religious advisors invited to the table.

      - Each of the advisors look inward and know they are being watched by a higher power. Since their souls were destroyed for coddling those who threatened to harm the two, the advisors remain silent. Their silence speaks volumes andone of the Generals can almost imagine their skeletons on fire.

      General # 2 - ‘And who is she, materially?’

      - The Pink Power Ranger.

      The room goes silent again and the Generals look at each other.

      General # 3 - ‘Are you telling us they have something to say to the most powerful nation in the history of the world?

      - Uhhh, of our test world sir.

      - She’s the actress who played The Pink Power Ranger, was on the television show Felicity, is a new singer, and was on the television show The Division. We think this has something to do with stereotypes.

      General # 5 - ‘Stereotypes?’

      General # 1 - ‘Surveillance?’

      - We’re all around them.

      General # 4 - ‘Or are they all around us.’

      A detailed dossier is opened on all those on the front line and those hiding behind the public


      General # 1 - ‘These are everyone. All of the people around them and on their computers and who have seen this debate everywhere around the world who are paid for or associated with us?’

      - Yes sir.

      Somewhere Death pauses, looks, and then continues.

      General # 1 - ‘And who authorized the threats?’

      - We thought ....

      General # 1 holds up his hand telling them to shut up.

      General # 2 - What else have we done.

      - We have these people in their step-families and around their families. Deep undercover. We’ve tapped their phones, hacked their computers, spied on them on their work-sets, rerouted their e-mails to journalists, censored their free speech and threatened to kill them both.

      General # 1 - ‘I see. And who authorized this?’

      - All remaining heads turn toward the guilty party.

      The room goes silent.

      General # 1 - ‘Have they made any lawsuit demands?’

      - We’re prepared to offer them 40 million dollars.

      General # 2 - ‘40 million dollars?’

      - Each.

      - They can’t knowingly accept money from us, something about the Pentagon and a pentagram. They can settle a privacy lawsuit against us in or out of court, which has no bearing on the judgements of our souls. However, he knows little about money and has left all of the financial decisions to her and her business people, who she has exorcised, forever future, forever present, forever past.

      General # 1 - Tell me about the idiots and why we have only had these moron’s representing us on their message boards?’

      - The agents told us ....

      General # 1 holds up his hand telling him to shut up.

      General # 2 - ‘You’re telling us you’re a group of chicken shits who have cost us Eternal Life because you listened to a group of people on our payroll who were working for and sold their sold their souls to Satan to damn us, which they did.’

      General # 1 - ‘Now hold on a minute.’ General # 1 turns to the debate on coddling criminals. ‘ This is the first time we’ve seen the debate. Techincally, we haven’t coddled anyone until the meeting is over, correct.’

      The Generals turn to the religious advisors who stay silent.

      - And we’ve been judged on all the crimes we’ve committed against The Constitution before this debate started. Two people in the debate can grant forgiveness, redemption, salvation to us with a higher standard, and they say we’ll have to come forward with everything, publically, in order to be forgiven and ... Those are the orders they have conveyed.

      The room stays silent for twenty-two minutes.

      General # 1 - ‘Well I haven’t coddled anyone. Here’s the thing we’re going to do. First, terminate the idiots immediately and those around them and their families, not including this agent, who I see had her child threatened, on a case by case basis. Ask the two. All of the idiot’s computers will be removed and agents will be placed on them for the rest of their lives to make sure they never go near a computer. Full military trial will be conducted on the team who made threats and hacked into their computers and restricted their free speech. We’ll put the idiots in prison for the rest of their lives.
      All those who have silently coddled the idiot’s must be in cahoots with evil and are terminated, peacefully. Put them on the base. They will have to publically be forgiven by the two or accept judgement.’ He looks around the room. ‘This includes you cowards.’

      ‘Second, I’m going to go and inform The President, the mainstream media, and The Vatican that we have guests.’

      The Generals look at each other, nod, and the meeting adjourns.

      June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDoralee Nation
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