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      Peggy Noonan

      Peggy Noonan such a wonderful writer but pours her talent into mindless propaganda. In her latest memo to the Republican base, Noonan worries over who the American public will blame for the Iraq disaster. She hopes both parties, spinning a tale that erases the Republican roots of the war. She despises Obama so much that all she can say is, "He is out of his depth." In a continuing blindness towards reality, Noonan says the one bright spot is, "…the earnest professionalism of our troops, still unsurpassed." Whoa. If all sides of the debate keep bowing to this unsurpassed excellence, it will be forgotten that the 2007 Baker-Hamilton report concluded that the American troops were at the "breaking point." They were sent to kill thousands of people on targeted midnight raids. They turned their detainees over to the human-rights violators within the Shiite-dominated army. They suffered massive demoralization and injuries, reflected in unprecedented levels of suicide and PTSD. There is no way they are prepared to engage in more ground combat against Muslims. Noonan and the Republican "chicken hawks" should be shamed and retired for pushing our army to the brink of collapse and then cutting back on veterans' health care funding.

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