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      Republican Anti-Immigrant Rights Strategy

      Reliable DC sources say the Republicans plan to stop immigration reform this year, figuring that gerrymandering will keep them safe, and then pass a bill by 2016 for protection during the national presidential election to protect the GOP candidate and party. House Republicans will do everything possible to keep any path to citizenship out of the bill. Democrats and advocates may be divided over whether to accept a half-measure which will protect against deportations while delaying the right to vote.

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      Reader Comments (1)

      The Republican party seems to be split on the issue of immigration. A part of the southern, white, racist base opposes all immigration, and anti-immigrant rhetoric is designed to appeal to them and get them out to vote. But business and Wall Street (and business-oriented Republicans) have latched onto the liberal demand for relief for unauthorized migrants, and have turned that into a much bigger demand for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." Which pretty much everybody now mouths without bothering to think: what does that mean, exactly.

      Unfortunately, Wall Street and its mouthpieces on the right (and the politicians they own, which include many democrats) want to turn complete control of immigration over to the corporations. Businesses will be allowed to import as much foreign labor as they want, no restrictions, and to deport anyone who gets out of line. The h1b visa system is now used by the Medical and Tech Industries in that manner. Many hospitals have an entire division devoted to importing planeloads of nurses from places like the Philippines -- imported foreign labor who take American jobs, and are paid much less than Americans. This drives down the wages and increases unemployment among Americans.

      Tech workers, of course, are the same. Americans lose their jobs and become "contract" workers with an hourly wage but no benefits, holidays, vacations, healthcare, or right to certain hours per month, or to unemployment compensation. They are replaced by young h1b visa workers from India and Pakistan with four-year degrees in tech who work for much less than Americans were paid not so long ago to do those same jobs. The visa workers also must mind their ps and qs, be obedient and docile workers, or they will lose the job and have only a brief period to find a new job or they will be deported.

      More labor chasing jobs always means lower wages and benefits, and higher unemployment.

      All Americans should oppose any immigration until we have full employment for Americans, and an increase in minimum wage to a living wage.

      For unauthorized migrants already here, it is possible to devise an equitable method for resolving their situations without radically overhauling the entire immigration legal system. For example, anybody who's been here more than 5 years and has a relatively clean record, works for a living, should be allowed to stay but not to bring their relatives here (as would be their right if they had entered lawfully). Anybody who's been here less than 5 years has no real investment in the U.S. and should be deported, along with anyone with a conviction of serious crime or violence.

      Unfortunately, Wall Street will likely succeed in getting Comprehensive Immigration Reform, with the support of clueless liberals who don't seem to understand that it is not charitable to give away your neighbor's job, such as has happened to most jobs in the building trades and in small manufacturing. Trucking, previously allowing a decent living for Americans, is now done primarily by immigrants. This is not a good thing for our communities.

      One of the reasons we have so much long-term unemployment is not just outsourcing, but also that people's jobs have been given to immigrants, often unauthorized immigrants. But legal or otherwise, we should have no immigration until and unless every single American who wants a job has one.

      As far as medical and tech, the way to create more workers for those jobs is to fund and make affordable education for all the young people in the U.S. who are eager to go into those fields. (Why is Zuckerberg, of facebook billions, funding a massive drive to get Comprehensive Immigration Reform? So he can use only imported labor). There is a 2-year nursing program in a community college near me, which has a 5-year waiting list. Why not expand nursing programs at public colleges, affordable, and make our own nurses instead of importing them from the Philippines? One reason only: the Medical Industry wants to be staffed by minimum-wage foreign labor, so the doctors, hospital owners and drug sellers can take all the money earned in medicine.

      Jeb Bush is the voice of the future for Republicans. He is in favor of whatever Wall Street wants, and Wall Street wants U.S. corporations to have the right to import unlimited foreign labor to take American jobs. Democrats are pushing the same program. Americans should demand a halt to all immigration (refugees are a separate matter) until we have full employment for Americans. It's not anti-immigrant, it's just pro-American workers.

      April 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterNABNYC
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