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      Sullivan Canyon and Namvar Money

      The LA Times has sadly ignored an important developer scandal over mansions in Sullivan Canyon during the past year. The story has been written by former Times reporter John Schwada at CityWatchLA and is the subject of several letters I have written to city and state officials as well as a lawsuit being prepared by Sullivan Canyon homeowners. 

      The story is about the Namvar clan, whose leader is Ezri Namvar, known as “the Bernie Madoff of Beverly Hills", who sits in federal prison, convicted of a Ponzi scheme that swindled thousands of Iranian immigrants out of their life savings. (“Ezri Namvar, The New Madoff, The Most Reviled Man in Town”, LA Weekly, July 21, 2011)

      The Jewish Journal published revelations about Ezri Namvar’s forced bankruptcy and federal imprisonment nearly a decade ago, but has gone silent this year even after assigning an investigative reporter to update the story. 

      The heart of the tale is about a pattern of attempted bribery of a state environmental inspector one year ago by two of the Namvar clan, Sam Shakib and Sean Namvar who "intimidated" and "threatened" her while demanding to know how much it would cost to facilitate a permit approval. 

      That story has never made it into the mainstream media. Never. 

      Here for the first time is the Namvar money trail to key LA politicians over the past decade, a time when a new environmental impact report was rejected even though the impact of the mansions project enlarged by one hundred percent, which should have rendered EIR stale.

      In addition to the $27,000 in Namvar contributions sent from 2004 until 2014, approximately $170,000 was sent recently to Mitchell Chadwick LLP, the lobbying firm for Sullivan Equity Holdings LLC, and to Fred Gaines, a Namvar lawyer. Those recent contributors have not been disclosed. NB: Contributions from Namvar to politicians are legal under present law. The nexus should be exposed however, for the taxpaying public. A movement and public hearings are necessary to clamp down on patterns of attempted bribery. Legal points aside, politicians are likely to feel anger from voters if they allowed the Namvar pemits to roll on for nearly a decade while receiving almost $200,000 in checks.

      Contributor  Candidate Amount Date
      Tony Namvar City Councilmember, Mike Bonin $200.00 2/5/13
      Ezri Namvar Tony Cardenas $500.00 1/1/05
      Ezri Namvar Tony Cardenas $500.00 4/1/08
      Mousa Namvar Tony Cardenas $500.00 11/14/05
      Mousa Namvar Tony Cardenas $500.00 4/15/08
      Ilana Namvar Tony Cardenas $500.00 11/14/05
        Total $2,500.00  
      Homayoun Namvar City Attorney Mike Feuer $1,000.00 7/1/14
      Mousa Namvar City Attorney Mike Feuer $250.00 11/30/11
        Total $1,250.00  
      Mousa Namvar Flora Gil Krisiloff $500.00 5/16/05
      Mousa Namvar Wendy Greuel $250.00 5/2/13
      Ezri Namvar  James K. Hahn $250.00 12/1/04
      Mousa Namvar  James K. Hahn $1,000.00 6/17/04
        Total $1,250.00  
      Homayoun Namvar Bob Hertzberg $1,000.00 9/24/04
      Ezri Namvar Bob Hertzberg $1,000.00 9/24/04
      Mousa Namvar Bob Hertzberg $1,000.00 9/24/04
      Ramin Namvar Bob Hertzberg $1,000.00 9/24/04
      Hooshang Namvar Bob Hertzberg $1,000.00 9/24/04
        Total $5,000.00  
      Homayoun Namvar City Councilmember Jose Huizar $500.00 11/8/05
      Homayoun Namvar City Councilmember Jose Huizar $700.00 12/23/13
      Mousa Namvar City Councilmember Jose Huizar $200.00 1/18/07
      Mousa Namvar City Councilmember Jose Huizar $500.00 4/3/14
        Total $1,900.00  
      David Namvar City Councilmember Paul Koretz $100.00 6/30/04
      Homayoun Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 10/22/08
      Ezri Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 9/30/04
      Ezri Namvar Jan Perry $250.00 12/6/05
      Mousa Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 9/30/04
      Tony Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 2/5/13
      Hooshang Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 9/30/04
      Homayoun Namvar Jan Perry $500.00 9/30/04
        Total $3,250.00  
      Homayoun Namvar William Rosendahl $500.00 6/30/04
      Homayoun Namvar William Rosendahl $500.00 3/8/12
      Ezri Namvar William Rosendahl 500.00 6/30/04
      Ezri Namvar William Rosendahl $500.00 4/7/05
      Ezri Namvar William Rosendahl $500.00 1/1/07
      Mousa Namvar William Rosendahl $500.00 6/30/04
        Total $3,000.00  
      Mousa Namvar Stephen Saltzman $250.00 3/5/01
      Tony Namvar Steven Soboroff $300.00 4/17/00
      Ezri Namvar Carmen Trutanich $500.00 1/1/07
      Ezri Namvar Antonio Villaraigosa $1,000.00 10/13/04
      Ezri Namvar Antonio Villaraigosa $1,000.00 4/19/05
      Mousa Namvar Antonio Villaraigosa $500.00 10/13/04
      Mousa Namvar Antonio Villaraigosa $250.00 4/22/05
        Total $2,750.00  
      Homayoun Namvar Jack S. Weiss $250.00 6/30/04
      Homayoun Namvar Jack S. Weiss $500.00 6/24/08
      Homayoun Namvar Jack S. Weiss $500.00 9/30/08
      Fran Namvar Jack S. Weiss $500.00 2/9/05
      Hooshang Namvar Jack S. Weiss $500.00 9/30/08
      Mousa Namvar Jack S. Weiss $250.00 6/30/04
        Total $2,500.00  
        City Council President, Herb Wesson $700.00 Feb-15


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