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      Tom Hayden from the People's Climate March

      Tom Hayden speaking at the People's Climate March on September 21, 2014. (Photo: Barbara Williams, 2014)"Students and young people are to be congratulated - thank you - for your mobilizing against extreme climate change these past few years. You have pushed your campuses towards carbon-free sustainability and now toward divestment from fossil fuels. You have surrounded the White House and pushed back the XL pipeline. Of course it's not enough, but I don't remember any of you saying it would be easy to clean up after us. Today you are backed by older generations of peace, justice and environmental activists, and I am sure, a majority of New Yorkers. Most of all, you are rejecting the future which the oil companies and contractors and failed governments have condemned you to. A future in which jobs are hard to find, your debt a dead weight, your mobility downward instead of upward, your lives shorter, and if those weren't burdens enough, everyone is telling you that extreme climate change threatens the survival of civilization. You have refused to settle for that, and that refusal is the fundamental starting point for survival and a new beginning. Lead on!"

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      Reader Comments (2)

      Thanks your support, Old Timer and it's so true you aren't a leader in this area. Climate change is new. While it's true older activists support younger environmental activists, the younger folk have a much better sense of what it would mean to change our world in favor of sustainability. It's not a question of longer lives, debt, fewer jobs: the economy. That's old and totally species specific, which the future simply can't be. Instead, they know this issue offers the opportunity for the evolution of widespread, systemic change. We weren't able to carry that notion…changing the whole system...forward, and it's actually kind of sad to see that that so many of us, including you, evidently, ended up thinking real change was about issues you enumerate, which represent our driving need for more, more, more…exactly the cause of the collapsing planetary ecosystem. xo casey

      September 24, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercasey hayden

      Veganism Is Direct Action! A pamphlet put out by Compassion Over Killing says raising animals for food is one of the leading causes of both pollution and resource depletion today. According to a recent United Nations report, Livestock's Long Shadow, raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, and other animals for food causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks and other forms of transportation combined.

      Researchers from the University of Chicago similarly concluded that a vegetarian diet is the most energy efficient, and the average American does more to reduce global warming emissions by not eating animal products than by switching to a hybrid car.

      Meat production causes deforestation, which then contributes to global warming. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the destruction of forests around the globe to make room for grazing cattle furthers the greenhouse effect.

      The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations reports that the annual rate of tropical deforestation has increased from nine million hectares in 1980 to 16.8 million hectares in 1990, and unfortunately, this destruction has accelerated since then. By 1994, a staggering 200 million hectares of rainforest had been destroyed in South America just for cattle.

      September 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVasu Murti
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