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      US Afghan Allies Attacking US Troops

      Allied Afghan soldiers are stepping up the killing of American troops, according to a recently declassified US military report covering the period through May 2011. “The sense of hatred is growing rapidly,” according to an Afghan officer who said the Americans are “rude, arrogant bullies who use foul language.” The report concludes that “lethal altercations are clearly not rare or isolated, they reflect a rapidly growing systemic homicide threat...unprecedented between ‘allies’ in modern military history.”

      Afghan forces attacked their US allies 26 times, killing 58 Western troops, during 2007-2011, most often since October 2009. The report, “A Crisis of Trust and Cultural Incompatibility,” was carried out by a behavioral scientist who surveyed hundreds of Afghan and American soldiers.

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      Reader Comments (1)

      Actually, it's always surprised me that the Talibs haven't taken more advantage of their ability to infiltrate the ANA/ANP to create mayhem by 'sleeper' attacks; to the extent that ISAF troops would refuse to work with the ANA/ANP for fear of such attacks. Similarly, the extended supply line from Pakistani ports to the Chaman & Torkham border crossings (which are currently shut down in retaliation for the ISAF attack on 2 Pakistani border posts) appear to be an incredibly 'soft target' of major import to disrupt ISAF ops in Afghanistan that they've not fully exploited.

      February 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarshalldoc
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