Why The Dodgers Blew Their Chance
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 1:55PM
Tom Hayden

Most Dodger fans and sports writers should be unanimous in blaming Mark Walter, Guggenheim, and Andrew Friedman for the Dodgers having two stellar starters in Kershaw and Greinke but not investing in a top third starting pitcher to replace Hyun-Jin Ryu, like David Price or Cole Hamels.

Others might argue that a second bonehead decision was releasing Dee Gordon, but that’s for another discussion. But accountability starts at the top. Friedman and Guggenheim should admit they made a terrible, terrible mistake, and offer resignations or make amends. They definitely should not hang the blame on Don Mattingly And it’s not just Friedman’s over dependence on Big Data, it’about trying to save money by bringing on too many pitchers who weren’t up to series competition.

TOM HAYDEN Mr. Hayden was an MVP a the Dodgertown FantasyCamp in 1988 and played baseball until his recent stroke at age 75.

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