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      Will House Republicans Call Hearings on Armed Right-Wing Christians?

      The revelation that the armed Christian Crusader Anders Behring Breivik aspires to a “pan-European movement modeled on Tea Party groups in the United States” (New York Times, July 25) is another wake-up call for Americans to focus on the domestic threat of right-wing terrorist groups. A first step could be to demand Congressional hearings on the threat from the right.

      1. Question One. Was it political appeasement to withdraw a government document warning of “Rightwing Extremism”? In 2009. As pointed out in the Bulletin, an important 2009 official government warning on rightwing extremism was withdrawn under pressure from Congressional Republicans, many of whom harbor white supremacist, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim militias and hate groups in their districts. The document by the Department of Homeland Security cited the economic recession and the election of Barack Obama might increase the threats. The report’s author, Daryl Johnson, was forced to resign and Director Janet Napolitano apologized for issuing the report. The threat has increased and a Norway massacre “could easily happen here,” Johnson told the New York Times on July 25. For more, please see: "Right wing Terrorism is Happening Right Now in the US."

      2. Question Two: Why does Rep. Peter King hold inquisitorial hearings on the radicalization of Muslim Americans but none on the conspiratorial violence being considered by rightwing Christian and Aryan Nation groups in America? The Congressman might start by requesting testimony from the Anti-Defamation League which has researched a pattern of shootings, including attacks on law enforcement officers, by the “sovereign citizen” movement among others. The writings of Jared Lee Loughner, shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, contain powerful echoes of “sovereign citizen” doctrines.

      More on the Armed Christian Crusader from the Toronto Globe and Mail, July 25: “Mr. Breivik’s lawyer said on Sunday that his client is a member of an international network... Mr. Breivik describes himself as a member of a nine-year old organization he calls the Knights of Templar Justiciar, comprising between 12 and 18 members... From this, he orders a three-stage war which he says will require ‘approx. 45,000 dead and 1 million wounded cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Western Europe.’”

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