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      Rethink Afghanistan

      Tom debating Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institute, added to the Brave New Films Rethink Afghanistan site from February, 2009.


      The San Francisco Green Festival

      Tom Hayden speaks at the Green Festival in San Francisco, November 2006.


      Something Worth Giving Your Life To  

      Tom Hayden talks to journalist, syndicated columnist and author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein, about about the state of the fourth branch of government: journalists, in this powerful episode of This Brave Nation.

      Both Hayden and Klein became serious journalists in college, and it was during that time that both experienced their defining moment. When Tom Hayden interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr at the 1960 DNC in Los Angeles, he asked questions while imagining the headline, "Tom Hayden Interviews MLK," but by the time he wrote the article he knew there were more important things in the world than personal glory.

      Naomi Klein rebelled from her liberal, feminist mother until Mark Lepine gunned down fourteen women in what became known as the Montreal Massacre. It was then she realized people were dying for the beliefs her mother fought for, and that realization awakened the activist within her. After both events, Hayden and Klein dedicated their lives to telling the truth about the world, and doing everything in their power to not use subjects like "they," but use "we" instead. It is that distinction that defines their journalism to this day.


      On Video and Activism  

      Brave New Films talks with Tom Hayden about the power of video to expose power and authority with a wide audience.

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